More About The Diversity Issue

Okay, so there’s been a lot lately about how Episode has a lack of diverse clothing and hairstyles. This is a paragraph from Episode’s 2017 Diversity Standards:

Focusing on the part about including different ethnicities, which is the most talked about topic, I decided to try and create four different races of Episode characters: black, white, Asian and multiracial. People with these races are people who you will likely see anywhere you go so there’s no reason for one to have more options than the others. Anyway, here are the pictures:

Two black people, were easy to create. However, if you wanted to create a group you’d find yourself having to reuse hairstyles constantly to make them look more realistic. Also, the only lip colours designed for black people are natural ones. It is practically impossible to give a black Episode character good lipstick. Also, if you wanted to make people in many of the African countries, there are no clothing options that you would see there. Generally disappointing with the hair and lips, still easy enough to create a few that don’t look the same.

Two Asian people, notice how they look very related. I tried to make it look like they came from two different families but due to the lack of options it didn’t work. There is a lack of traditional hairstyles and clothes, only hairstyle I could find was the bun, couldn’t find traditional clothes at all. However, they do have some nice ones in Ink. Anyway, it’s hard to make more than one Asian on Episode without them looking the same.

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Here are two multiracial people, and they were relatively easy to create. However, many of the lip colours still don’t look that great on them. Surely Episode could release a set of lips specifically for brown/black skinned people? If it gets to the point where lots of lips are too light for only slightly dark skinned people then something really needs to be done. Good thing is these two were easy enough to make and I could definitely do more.

And finally, here are three white people. Yep, three. Just to show how much stuff they have. All the lip colours look great, and look at that: someone wearing lipstick. Also, don’t you think that girl looks great in the barista outfit that we definitely all needed??? Yeah, I think Episode has their priorities wrong. Basically, the white people get everything and all other races are completely ignored. I thought Episode was American? You get loads of black people there.

Just another thing, look at this blue guy! Even he looks pretty good, and I’m pretty sure blue was never a common skin colour. Ah well, guess that really small, nonexistent blue skinned population are enjoying all the options.

So blue people now have more options than black people. Well, you know what we should say to that?

Eh, I dunno. :joy:

Also, feel free to try and make better characters than I did. Mine really didn’t work.


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