More About Writing?


I only write episode stories for fun and because I have so many ideas for a story. But I was wondering if you get paid. I heard many people talk about that kind of thing


I think you need to be 18 and get some amount of reads.
You can find more info on eppisode official website :blush:


( by some I dont mean 5 or something, much much more, obvi)


Well, you need to get a certain amount of readers during a certain amount of time. And yes you should be at least 18 years. Here you can read more:


You need to gain 500k reads in 60 days and be 18+. (If you’re not 18, you can still sign up and I believe the money accumulates until you hit 18.)
You can also qualify by adding gem choices in your story. If you get 100k gem chapter reads in 60 days (and have 300 gem options actually purchased), then you also qualify.

So yes, you can get paid but it’s not easy to do.