More background that fit in with episode LL

All the backgrounds look like they are for episode ink or episode classic and I would like it if there are new backgrounds that fit with the LL characters. It would be great for the creators and there would be more options for more backgrounds e.g. bedroom classroom and kitchen


Well, I think what you mean is that the most realistic backgrounds look like ink ones, which in fact, I don’t think so, as Episode makes 4 different types of backgrounds, I’ve said this before, and I’ll just copy and paste it from my thread:

  1. The drawn realistic (my favorite, the one I use in all my backgrounds)
    Personally, this suits limelight and ink the best

pv1_back_INT__APSE_CANDLES___NIGHT.jpg1920x1136 198 KB

As you can see, it’s drawn, but very realistic looking.
2. The purposely drawn (which is when it’s purposely supposed to look like it’s drawn but still doesn’t look cartoonish or have has shadows and shading. (More suited towards Ink and Classic)

pv1_back_INT__SIMPLE_LIVING_ROOM___DAY.jpeg1920x1136 137 KB

  1. Complicated (This one’s a mix of Ink and Classic, but I think it’s more suited in Classic stories, even though if you make a background combination it looks quite good)

dXm16XAiLGbg_SportingGoodsStore.jpg1920x1136 228 KB

As you can see, it has shading and all of a “purposely drawn”: style but has outlines and the bright colors of Classic.
4. The Bright palette (which is suited towards Classic stories)
There are actually much less Classic styled backgrounds, and much more towards “realistic”, and even though there are quite a few, less of the “purposely drawn” and only one or two “complicated” ones.

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Wow thank you, Toasty I really like these backgrounds!

Awesome job,

Tomi O

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I did not make these backgrounds, they are part of the art catalog… Your topic was about types of background and I replied about it. These aren’t mine and they are Episode’s. However, thank you.