More backgrounds and animations please

I was wondering when the new backgrounds and overlays are coming because they are only used in some featured stories (eg; The Baby Project, PLL etc.). There are particular backgrounds in these stories that are very needed for myself and also many other writers need to make or stories they best they can be. Listed below are some of the backgrounds or other requested items:

image This blackboard background.

This overlay with the table (and this outstanding outifit :heart_eyes:).

I couldn’t find the picture of the classroom in PLL but I would love it if you added that and the the desk overlay along with it.
Also a empty classroom background could be added as well (specifically an art room).

Also, could you add some more prom-y clothing for the Limelight characters.



Hi! Is this meant to be a feature request? If so the title of this feature request currently doesn’t follow the guidelines for suggestion threads. Please review those guidelines and edit your thread to ensure it isn’t closed or deleted. Thanks! :v:t2:

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