More big nose diversity?

Hey everyone. This topic came to mind for me a few minutes ago thinking about how Episode is getting more inclusive and diverse.

I feel like, for the most part, when authors write POC characters into their stories, they never give them larger noses. I have also yet to see a main character with a more ethnic nose (besides in a few stories I guess.)
I myself have a large nose, although I’m not POC (I’m part Greek) and I think everyone should see their features represented in stories.
Comment below your thoughts on this?

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I can’t speak for other people, but my guess is that large noses are usually seen as unattractive. And it’s possible that other writers probably down play their POC characters features to make them more appealing. In my story, two of my main characters are African American and I gave them the largest/widest noses that Episode has in INK, and I think they both look nice. But that’s not to say that we all have large broad noses, our noses also come in different sizes.

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You have a point. Personally I think it’s part of a bigger problem we have- our society has a very narrow idea of what’s attractive.

True, but what can you do… Can’t get everyone to have an open mind.

I actually have a main character in one of my stories who is a POC and I gave her ethnic hair and the wide nose based of her face claim picture I had of hers so they look similar. And what @Dmfan91 said is right. When a girl kept getting Tala as a character (you take a quiz to see what main character you get) the girl actually messaged me complaining. She wanted one of the others girls because she thought her hair and nose were “fucking ugly” and she didn’t want an ugly character. It’s incredible how many readers out there will judge your story by the looks of your characters alone. I try not to think about it too much honestly. Lol

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Sometimes youths can be the worst critics…


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