More chapters at once or more often

when releasing new chapter do people prefer to get more chapters at once but there will be longer between updates. or one chapter but the shorter time between updates

  • more chapters
  • one chapter

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Well I don’t really mind having just one chapter at the time but I rather want my favorite author to just take the time creating the chapters (like 3 months even more if needed) and get an amazing chapter then having one rushed one

but it is not like that

if you release more chapters at once there will go a long time. let say
it takes you a month to make one chapter
that would mean you could release one chapter every month

or if you decide you only release 3 chapters every time. there would be three months before new release

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then I would have 1 chapter at a time

I chose batches as I like to binge but honestly, for me it depends.
Will I have to wait months for those batches? Then I’d probably prefer a more frequent single update otherwise I’ll forget about the story and it will end up buried in my favourites.
There are some authors who can commit to weekly updates (e.g Lucky with Galactic Game) and I enjoy getting to read something new every week, although sometimes I’ll let the chapters stack up for a few weeks and then binge them haha.

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