More Clothes Options For INK Male And Female

So I’m a newly episode writer and I have noticed that theres very limited. We really need more clothes options for the writing portal!!! For INK. I know a lot of stories are pretty much Limelight style but We can’t forget about INK. We really need more jeans, more jackets, dresses, and we also really need a better variety of lip colors, hairstyles as well. We just need an updated variety of clothes!! The guys need more hairstyles as well more edgy and popular hairstyles!!


I support!

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I wouldn’t say INK is as limited as Limelight :thinking:
Limelight is a new style so I understand why that’s their main focus :confused:

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I meant like in the hairstyles, lip colors.
But they shouldn’t forget Ink…


Please change your title :roll_eyes: to something like CLOTHES: More options for ink :see_no_evil:I :heart:

@flowersasthorns make sure to follow the Feature Request Guidelines so your thread doesn’t get closed or deleted. Thanks!

Thank you for the tip!!

will do thank you!!

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