More clothing options ll


Hi I really would like to have more options in LL. Especially ballgowns. But really just more in general. I find it hard to make my characters unique as a lot of the clothes are very similar.


Support! More hairstyles would be useful, too.


I support this. Currently making clothes for characters and as far as I can see we need pajamas!

We can also use some:
More under wears
Head towel wrap
More towels
Bathing suit cover ups
Gala dresses

Also, when you use a filter, a lot of the items disappear, but reappear when they shouldn’t.

For example: If I use a filter to search for only accessories. I’ll see the accessories, but not ALL the accessories appear. Watches don’t appear in the accessories filter. So I think putting all the items in the correct category would help big time.


Agreed this is fustrating.

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