More clothing options


I think there should be more style of clothing like: gothic, emo, corsets, tights (preferably fishnets for LL) and shorts with really cool designs like with laces and buckles


Yes agree, I don’t really care for the few shorts LL has they need some more and agree on the different styles.


True that. I think there should be more skinny jeans too. I don’t like making my MC look uncomfortable wearing baggy jeans with a cute top


Yeah, I notice that as well. They are still working on it so hoping they come out with some of this I hate that you have to put skirts on them to make the shirts look right.


I know right. It just looks so weird!

and for pjs, I think there should be more designs like cupcakes, kitties, flowers etc

LL needs leopard print


Agree and maybe like so cool T’s with like cars and things like that for the guys.


True that. Hopefully Episode does something about that



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