More coding help : ) Spotting!

Helloooo! Y’all have been fantastic with helping me code. Now i need help with spotting… It’s spotting overlays, if i’m missing something let me know!

you don’t want them to overlap. leave enough space between the overlays so the separating lines are not touching the other overlay

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I put space between the lines of coding and it still didn’t even move to where it should be

no not in the lines of coding. move them in the previewer and copy that number. on line 33 you have a mistake on your code. there is an underscore behind the number 73

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also you have written two times the position of the overlay that;s why nothing happens

Ohhh ok!

what does that mean :flushed: sorry i’m new to this

and remove the line of numbers before the overlay name they can be confusing

so it should say @overlay_ the name of the overlay?

so on line 23 you have &overlay FAST FORWARD BUTTON shifts to 81 332 and on line 33 you have again overlay FAST FORWARD BUTTON shifts to 144 773

there can’t be a shifting command two times in the script except if the overlay is moving. in your case it stays still. so you want only one of the lines to stay in the script

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Ok so i got rid of the first one and now all of the overlays are on top of each other

now spot them how you want them on the previewer and copy and paste the numbers in the corresponding lines. the fast forward overlay spotting in the fast forward shifts to # #

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wait, i already did that ?

and they are still overlapping?

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sorry i noticed you have an underscore again
it should be @overlay FAST FORWARD BUTTON etc

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Yes! this is what they look like

Oh ok!

What exactly are you needing help with?

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Getting them in the right direction but i got it!