More Diverse Stories


I know I’m not the only person who speaks out about this topic, but I think it needs to be considered by Episode. There’s a lot of things that happens in the Episode community on here and on Instagram about Episode making and promoting more diverse stories. I agree with them because I feel that Episode should have more diverse stories. There’s nothing wrong with appealing to ALL audiences that read stories on the app.


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Agreed. Episode themselves are encouraging people to write more diverse stories for contests, but it falls flat when you read their official stories. I feel that it’s important for them to pay attention to what the community is saying about both adding diversity and implementing it correctly. If they listened, did their own research, and put what they learned into practice, I’d actually be willing to read more featured stories. That being said, there are some wonderfully diverse user stories out there! They just require more searching than should be necessary.




I agree with you!



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