More dresses/tattoos for women (INK)


I feel like it’s getting a tad boring with the dresses for ink, in addition, we also want tattoos for women because it’s not fair only the boys in ink can have as many tattoos they want. Here are some examples:

Plz comment “SUPPORT :heart:” if you agree


Support, even though I know it probably won’t happen now, because I’m pretty sure they’re not updating ink again because lime light has come out.


Ikr, but I feel like they had done enough for limelight tho


Really? Even tho I agree with how they need more for ink, I feel like they need way more outfits for LL. but that’s just my opinion :woman_shrugging:


You know what, I actually agree. I saw how much they had for the limelight outfits. I wonder if they finish with the outfits, they might go back to working on ink.


I hope so :crossed_fingers:


I hope this can happen… really anything else for ink, lol. So support it… Most user don’t even use LL…, I can’t use it… I’m an ink lover