More fantasy backgrounds are coming! (let me know!)


Hey guys, Here are some more of my backgrounds that I created. If you need a background DM (direct message) me on instagram at lanafrazer.episode. DO NOT STEAL , CHANGE ANYTHING, AND CLAIM IT AS YOUR OWN. YOU WILL BE BLOCKED AND REPORTED. Always give credits.


Do you have a drive full of these ?


Not as yet. Will work on it.


Ok These backgrounds are amazing !


Thanks. You can follow me on instagram: lanafrazer.episode for story and background updates, if you like.


Ok I will as soon as my internet comes back on my laptop


I have an episode backgrounds account!

Currently Making The Epy Mall and Fantasy Sections!


Omg they are so awesome thx a million


These are really nice, and they look so amazing!


Thanks Lana! I haven’t gotten the chance to check yours out yet.


No problem, and I will send you a link.



The drive is now on my Instagram, and the link is in my bio.