More for INK! ❤

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I highly agree with the creator above^


Unfortunately, episode has decided to discontinue adding new things to ink.

I actually think ink has enough stuff. (This is coming from an ink writer). Sure, it’d be nice if they added a few more things… But I like finding ways to be creative with it. You can use so many ends of animations to make “new” animations, and you can use other animations for different purposes than intended. For example: Using the kissing rear animation for someone calling out to their friend… if that makes sense? And it’s the same thing with the clothes… I really think limelight needs more! I don’t even use the style because it doesn’t have enough for me!


I completely agree with you! I write in INK too and I think there are a lot of clothing + animation options. Sure, there are a few things I’d like to add to INK but it really does already come with many options.

Also, as @_hxxd said, Episode have decided to focus on LL, meaning there won’t be anymore updates for INK. I think it might be time to move on from all these “more INK” threads and just appreciate that INK actually has a lot of possibilities :))


Did they officially state that? Not trynna sound rude. But I don’t remember them ever stating this so called discontinuations. Especially since there still many featured stories using INK as their platform recently.

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