More Genres within Episode

So…Lately, I came up with a little story idea of my own, with the genre being science-fiction. Now I didn’t know what genre I would put that in within the Episode portal. Maybe action? Drama? Mystery? I wouldn’t know. So the main reason I’m here discussing this is because I want Episode to give us more genres to write in. I mean some writers and readers could be really interested in a genre they particularly like. For example, we could have genres such as Sci-Fi, maybe Dystopian? Utopian? Crime Fiction? Different types of Romance? Perhaps Non-Fiction maybe? Not all stories have to be Fiction. I mean unless you like Fiction, that’s totally fine. Also there a so much stories with Romance in it, and it’s okay to have romance as a genre, but if your story genre is one of those listed abouve, it wouldn’t hurt to have a slight bit of romance in it, but focusing more on the actual genre of the story. So I really think Episode could let us have a more genres to read and write in, it could let us as readers and writers can read and write more freely, especially if it’s something they like!

Please comment down your thoughts on this topic :slight_smile:


I have to agree with you. It shocks me that Sci-Fi isn’t a genre on the app when people like Sci-Fi and like to write it. I do like Sci-Fi, and I don’t mind stories written in it. But it’s hard to match it up with the genres listed on the app.

Yeah I agree. I think if you have a Science Fiction story, with a bit of romance, it would most likely be put in the romance genre. Or if you had a Dystopian setting, I don’t really know what genre that would be put in. So yeah I agree with you.