More improvements for writers

Since this category is for all Episode related topics, I hope writers will give their support!

Here are two lists of suggestions that need your support! Go open the links and give them your likes! :kissing_heart:

Forum Suggestions
Listed only those, which are not duplicated, are unique, the best and are not needed to fix.

My feature suggestions


The share feedback section is intended for story feedback only. Sorry and thanks! Topic closed.

Topic moved and reopened, thanks @CoraMae :smiley:

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Hey @celestiial.missy
Show your support by opening these documents, follow links and like the first post in every thread! Suggestions with more likes will get noticed by Episode team and we then have a chance to get them!

And do open the category for suggestions Feature + Art Suggestions and post your suggestions there :heart:

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I wrote new forum suggestions - check it, give it like if you agree or write your opinion :heart:

FORUM FEATURE: Reorganize Episode related categories