More ink clothing and animations! limelight has too much!

Hello, I would like to just state my opinion on the new animations and clothing that Limelight is getting.
I know, Limelight is the newest writing style and gets to receive the newest things, but, I think more people enjoy INK better than Limelight. Limelight has received so many animations, and INK does not have that much. Also, regarding the clothing, I wish that they could add more to Ink since limelight has a lot already.

Please like and reply if you agree or disagree!


Ink has a lot more variety of clothing than Limelight has, I’m pretty sure. Plus I’m not too sure they’re updating ink anymore? They did say that because of how the app is set up I believe. There’s still the items they’re going to add that they had already made for it, though.

I dunno. Just my thoughts.


Yes, I agree with that! Thank you for sharing!


Yeah, but I think Limelight just overall has more animations. Thanks for sharing!

In my opinion, I think there should be updates of the same clothes and animations for both styles!

That way everyone would be happy ! :smiley: