More interracial couple stories

Interracial couples are couples of different races and they are SUPER adorable sooo what’s with the lack of them on episodes… when they are featured it’s usually the as a side character.
But what do you think are they miss respected or unseen?


Definitely unseen.

And yes, they are REALLY cute!

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there should be more interracial couples involving races other than white as well.

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I agree. Stories like Bittersweet Wounds and Us At Midnight might not be “couple stories” but they feature the main character being attracted to other types of races and building bonds with them. A story sort of gets more intruiging when several races are involved :smile:


I agree - Hello Stranger has a black love interest as well!

They areee!

My cousin sister and her husband are the sweetest couple I know - they are interracial and The Blank Page has a white girl dating MC a biracial male.

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