More limelight characters needed


Hi everyone!
I’m making a new story and the style is limelight! I sometimes have a hard time making different character styles because I really like mine, but I need to spice some things up! Most of these will be Background characters but I need a few important characters too! Here’s the list

  • 1/infinity background characters
  • 0/1 sibling (platinum blonde hair and rose 03 skin please!)
  • 1/1 boy best friend
  • 2/2 popular girls

You can pick the outfit, but I have the write to decline it! I also have the right to change anything in your character (I will tell you if I do). Please no crazy hair colors!


I’ll be a popular girl😂
Skin: Copper 03
Face: Diamond
Brows: Thin Arch Deep brown
Hair: Long Feathered Deep Brown
Eyes: Round Downturned Wide Gray
Nose: Round Button upturned
Lips: Full heart Pouty
Credit me: @QueenMilii_Episode where I wake custom backgrounds!


He could be a background character or the best friend :slight_smile:

[Name: Christopher - just if he’s a background actor]
Body: Gold 04
Brow: Round Medium
Brow Color: Black Dark
Hair: Curly Mohawk
Hair Color: Deep Brown
Eyes: Deepset Downturned
Eye Color: Hazel
Face: Diamond Soft
Nose: Straight Narrow
Lips: Full Heart Natural
Lip Color: Beige Deep Neutral

That’s what he would look like (so you don’t have to type it all in to decide whether you like him or not :yellow_heart:):




popular girl: