More music options?

First of all, I am fine with the music and sound options that episode has already provided the app with. But I do think maybe adding more music that you’d usually hear on the radio would be cool to hear in the game. I understand if episode can’t do this due to the fact that it might not be their music so therefore by putting, for example, a really famous person’s songs in it there is a chance the app would get copyrighted or something like that (If someone were to use their music in their story, although I suppose that wouldn’t happen if they asked for permission in the first place.) But anyway, I just thought I would share this idea, what do you guys think about it?


Hey there @MousePlaysEpisode, this is Sydney the moderator. If you’d like to make a request for a certain type of music for writers, then please do it in Feature + Art Suggestions according to the Feature Request Guidelines.

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Let me know if you have any questions. Thanks :smiley:


Personally I don’t like a lot of the music. A lot of too upbeat and if you’re writing a dark or intense story, it really makes it hard to search for music that fits the scene.

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