More prayers and positive vibes please

My 13-year-old cousin was sick, so she went to the hospital earlier last week and ended up on a ventilator. I went to see her last week and weekend and it was a tough sight to see. They had wires hooked up to her and tubes in her nose and down her mouth. She was asleep the whole time. She’s so young, I can’t imagine how scared she must be feeling inside. I feel so helpless and sad seeing her in that state. She’s been through so much and has been depressed and just having a tough time at home and personally, so to see her struggling in another way is so difficult to bare. All I can think about all the times she calls me cause she can’t emotionally breathe at home, school and in her life and now this. She went into surgery to remove something from her lungs yesterday. Right now she is getting emergency surgery. She has been given a 50% survival rate. I just don’t understand how this thing is escalating. She’s only freaking 13. Please send prayers and good vibes her way.

Update (4/22/19):Thank you everyone. Her surgery was successful. She now has tubes circulating blood and oxygen throughout her body. We’re hoping and praying she won’t need anymore surgery and that everything will be positive from now on with a speedy recovery.

Update (6/6/19): Yo God is so good. I’m grateful to all of you. Honestly thank you everyone. My cousin came out of the hospital during the last week of May. She’s still recovering, but she has no tubes, can walk and talk and eat and drink without assistance. All she needs is PT and regain her previous appetite and strength. Thank you all for your prayers and support they truly helped.


I’ll pray for her now I’m so sorry to hear that and she’s in my heart :purple_heart::purple_heart:

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I’m praying for her as well. May god keep her safe. :pray:

Praying. I’ll still pray for her. :pray:t3:

God bless once again.

I’m not religious but even I will pray for this because that’s so sad :frowning:

So young… :frowning: So Sorry for her and all of your family.

I’ll pray for her. God bless her. :pray:

I hope She gets better​:heart::heart::heart:

I’ll pray for her :pray::pray:

Praying for her :heart::pray:t3:

Praying too.NOBODY deserves to die at this young age. :heartpulse:

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