More pregnancy/baby stuff

More pregnancy/baby stuff.

Hey guys.
Am I the only one who think the whole pregnancy/baby stuff iws lacking a bit in episode?
I think it would be awesome if we could have babies that are customizable. I know it’s a lot of work for episode, but I think a lot of people would love it.
I also this the maternity clothes is lacking. We need high waisted maternity skirts and pants. We need maternity dresses. More maternity shirts.
It would also be cool to have animations where doctors are giving ultrasounds or something like that.
I would personally love to be able to have kids. Meaning NOT just normal episode figure that are made small, but characters that actually look like kids.

I know that all of this is a lot of work and i also know that it’s a lot to ask for. But I really think that features like these are missing. Does anyone else agree??


Support! :two_hearts:



Yeah this is a great idea!! xxx



Definitely support. Its really weird seeing 2-year-old boys with abs!! :joy:

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