More than one name choice

I have more than one name choice so what would i put for in the brackets of other people other than [NAME]? In other words, how do I write my script to make the program know i am referring to a name that someone chosen for each person because i can’t just put [NAME] for each person.

you have to put what you put in the parentheses

Yeah you put what you wrote in the parenthesis but maybe put
and so on to make it "organized’

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Each character has to be named NAME. But each character should be another number added on so like NAME1, NAME2, NAME3, etc. Then when your choosing the name, you do the normal input thing but instead of NAME you do the name for the character it’s for (hopefully this makes sense)


Read up on this guide here: A Guide to Typed-in Choices
You would just change the “ANSWER” inside the parentheses to whatever you want to refer to their name as.

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it still doesnt work. I even replaced the parenthesis in the chose name script with NAME1…2…3 etc.

When you’re using it in the dialogue, you need to do it like [NAME]

you need to put brackets [ ] around NAME # whenever you want to refer to the name the reader picked so for your it would be

I'm [NAME3]

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