More Thought into Outfits

So I was watching this video:
And it made me have a realization that outfits really elevate a story.
I think we should put some more thoughts into outfits especially if you don’t give readers the choice to pick them because you can really tell what a character’s about through their outfits.

In real life people just where what’s in their closets, and that’s fine for real life, But when you’re an episode writer you also have to be the Director, Writer, Cinematographer, Hair and Make-up Department, Art Department, and the Costume Department.

Today we’re focusing on that last part. There are so may interesting ways to use outfits in your story.

For example, “Jessica” has strict parents, they believe in the very stereotypical gender roles for women and men. They also buy Jessica’s clothes. She’s a passive person because of this upbringing. So whenever we see Jessica on “set” she’ll wear ill-fitting clothing to reflect this. Wearing pastel ‘feminine’ colors like pink, blue, or yellow and her outfits are oversized to hide her body. She’ll wear skirts and puffy blouses and things of that nature near the beginning. But because of the nature of this cliche story she’ll have a fashion upgrade slowly shifting to colors like red and black and wear thing that are actually her size (and pants that she borrows from her friend.) Lets say she’s taking influence of those around her because at the very end she’ll wear her own style. The ‘feminine’ pastel colors combined with from fitting clothing and stuff like that shows that she’s combined what she’s been wearing throughout the story and found her style and her sense of self.

As you can see clothing can show what the character is going through and their personality. I feel like episode stories do this just not for the main character. Which is kinda ironic :sweat_smile:

You can also use clothes to show how much money a character has, rewearing clothing constantly is one way. Or even showing how eccentric they are through the colors of their clothing. The colors of the clothing they’re wearing can even foreshadow what the tone of an upcoming scene will be like. “This character is gonna be broken up with, so I’m gonna put them blue.” Simple but effective.

This wasn’t really well thought out but styling a character can be really fun when you put thought behind it. I’d recommend watching a few style analysis’ to see how people perceive fashion choices. I just don’t like when characters dress badly (looking at you, Fate: The Winx Saga).


Also also, color palettes :relaxed:


This is awesome (: I try to put lots of thought into outfits too but I find that it’s not always easy :sweat_smile:

yesss I literally have a pinterest board for my main characters with different color palettes/aesthetics

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Yep, good points! An outfit really reflects a character’s financial situation, upbringing, culture, personality, and tastes.


I agree, I base most outfits on my character’s personality or their likes & dislikes (:

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It isn’t there are certain limitations we have on episode that we don’t have in real life like tying a hoodie around your waist

Yeah that’s why I lovemovies like Mean Girls and Legally Blonde

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There are some jackets you can tie around your waist though, so I use those sometimes

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Yeah there are but just like the idea that someone is wearing the same leather jacket for example around their waist today, that they put on their back yesterday can show a little bit more about the character. It can even show contrast to a character we never see even wearing the same shoes twice.

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That character must have a lot of shoes :joy:

Omg I really need to make one of those lol

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Yep and from there because it’s an episode story I’ll assume they’re rich :joy::joy:

We love to see it

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