Moshi's Art Scenes >.<


Want a quality art scene?
You came to the right thread! Hi, my name is Jamie! I recently joined the community and tried my hand at digital art… I thought I did well! I feel like I am ready to start making art!

Since my scenes do take time, I only take 3 requests, at a time (due to a busy life, ugh). These may take a few days, or maybe up to a week, if I am extra busy with tests, or such. But I make sure every customer’s wait is worth it! I will allow up to 3 people to request and then put them all onto the waiting list. I then shall proceed to complete them 1 by 1, making sure they are the best quality, I can provide! If you are not satisfied, do not be afraid to ask for changes! I keep all layers separate, until after the customers have deemed the art scene acceptable, so it is easier to make any needed changes! Please do not request if you will not use it.

Please be as descriptive as possible, so I can provide the best at possible! :slight_smile:

Please include a reference photo, your episode character (screenshot and info), background, and clothing of choice (plus any effects you desire!).

I hope I can help some people out!

Waiting list:




Thanks for choosing Moshi Art scenes (lol come again >.<)


Hey, @Moshix2! Could you please provide examples for us to look at?


:o ooh! I will be sure to give you a request, in the near future, Jamie!


I actually used someone else’s outline for practice, and I figured they wouldn’t want me to use it publicly, and I asked but got no response, but I am working on one now, with my own outline to use, so bare with me :wink:


Lol, alright! Everyone needs reference photos! Even the best artists!


Yup! :wink:


I use reference photos all the time


Me too! It makes it so much easier, lol.