Most Annoying Relative

It’s totally fine.


My younger cousin (6 years younger than me) is pretty annoying…


when we’re younger he used to flip over chess boards, bang on the locked door nonstop when we were talking about private stuff… he also liked to hit everyone hard with lightsabers

Now he’s not so annoying cuz he kinda got addicted to video games so he doesn’t bother us anymore… but when his parents try to control his screen time he yells for the ipad or phone every 5 seconds…

Can’t blame him though cuz he’s obviously spoilt and the blame should be on his parents and grandparents so I don’t hate him but am actually worried about him but there’s nothing I can do :woman_shrugging:

But actually I hate these type of family members more…


Those who make excuses to not help family members when they need help the most, but will only find you when everything is alright :roll_eyes:
and those who rarely visits their parents and grandparents even when they live in the same housing estate… like not even once a year wtf


Easy - my mom. :full_moon_with_face:


my sister but i love her tho

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Ooo- My whole freakin’ family :grin:


I have several, but im just gonna do the worst two

My auntie (mom side)

My mom side family is very religious (and she is too) she has a brother and a sister (younger one). Basically my mom is the only one married w kids. My auntie isnt married and bc they all religious, for a girl to not be married for so long is bad. To keep it short one day after spending a vacation w my mom she became jealous of her, and started being noisy, so she talked to my grandmother and conviced her my mom was cheating on my dad bc she had a MALE FRIEND she met at a bric-a-bra, that she was seeing to help her w/ her motorcycle.

She (aunt) started SPYING on my mom even tho she lives in a town miles away from ours. When my mom was jogging outside, my aunt followed her (like she was just a few meters away) all along and filmed her to caught her cheating even tho she wasnt!!!
She did that several times. She would also come unannounced at our place.
At the time they were working together at my mom’s dance association, so she used that to spy on her, and after a long time, she started not come to the classes my mom was PAYING HER to do. And bc my grandmother believed her, she was also doing some sneaky things to my mom.

Like, she and my aunt told my dad that my mother was cheating even tho they had NO proof (fortunately he’s not dumb he knew it was false). My aunt told my dad “arent u ashamed of her? look at how she dress”, insinuating my mom was some kind of “slut” just bc she wears skirts lmao. My grandmother even said my aunt should be with someone like my dad instead of my mom. My aunt also said to me that my mom was evil and “i know u just her kid so u dont see it but she’s evil” lmao no bitch its u.

And bc of my aunt, my grandma and my mom literally THREW HANDS bc all the drama she caused, at our home ( ofc my mom didnt really slapped my grandma, but u know she was trying to avoid my grandma’s punches).

Since then, my mom forgave her family but me, i never forgave them especially my aunt. I was pretty close to her before, but now I think she really IS the worst. Bc my mom dont say nothing, but i know bc of her she got ptsd of some things like she became paranoid & had to go to therapy.
So I really hope this pickme bitch end up alone.

(Oh and I forgot to mention she was the type of girl to own hate accounts, like [insert name of famous ytb creator] hate account page on insta, at her big age lmao)

My grand uncle (mom side)


This one gonna be short but my grand uncle (the brother of my grandmother) is married with two kids, a girl who’s probably 11 and a boy who’s 4y old. He is religious too, so he was the type to go to the mosquee almost everyday but spent ZERO time with his family. So obviously I think at the mosquee ppl probably were like “mashallah he’s a good man :heart_eyes:” but he was none of that. In addition to not see his family, he was beating his daughter a lot since forever for nothing (& even if she wasnt behaving well that wasnt the solution).

At the time he lived at his parents house (my great grandparents), so everyone knew bc the others siblings would often come to visit them. And when he knew they were, or my family, coming, he was avoiding us spending several days at the mosquee or at his friends house. Like, he was aware he’s behavior was shitty.

And of course everyone reported him to the police but they said that bc it happens often it this region, they dont do shit lmao. The girl just spends several weeks in foster home but she came back and ofc nothing changed. And now, they live in an appartment so we cant check on this girl, bc of course her parents dont want her to spend time with her family (us).


My father. He’s an old asshat that loves to order people around like soldiers and thinks he’s “the man of the house” even tho nobody listens to him :joy: I’m done with him to be honest, now I’m pissing him off just for fun :joy: :joy: :joy:

EDIT: He’s a LOT more than just bossy, but I shouldn’t say what kind of person he is here :speak_no_evil:


My sister. I didn’t wanna rant abt this but ok…

When I was 13 n got pinched on my butt on the way back from school by this 75 yr old man… her exact words were ‘he’s a man. He saw ur butt, that dress was slu**y anyway n he thought u were 16 or smth, it’s not just his fault’ ok at that point we were walking down the street n I looked at her in such disgust, tryna hold in my anger + frustration anyway, she then said ‘stop tryna give an old man the blame, u sl*t.’ So then I looked at her, she showed no remorse (pls don’t hate me for this, I was a furious teen) I screamed ‘shut the f…k up, u disgusting c—t yes, that is a v disgusting thing for a 13 yr old to scream in public.

She’s racist, sexist, homophobic, she once purposely used the wrong pronouns for my trans friend and says that ‘biologically being lesbian makes u a useless woman’ yes. She is f**ked up. I’ve told my parents so many times and they’re like ‘it’s just a faze’. She’s 20 now, n worse than ever. I don’t think I’ll ever respect her.

But ngl she’s always been called the ‘worse’ sister out of us, which kinda sucks. Bc she’s always ranting abt love n she’s never even talked to a guy so… my bf hates her w a passion.

rant over


I relate to this so much!!


Your sister is a horrible person. I hate people like that. No one gonna date her because of her horrible evilness.


Yep. She’s literally a terrible n basically nobody likes her, at all :woman_facepalming:t3:


Don’t blame everyone.


i’m sorry this happened to you. Is he still with her? Regardless of gender it is Sexual Harrassment. You obviously didn’t consent and she isn’t even related to you. (even if she was it still counts) i’m sorry you had to experience this.


They’re still together, but they’re very off-and-on and have been for around 2 years.
Thinking about it now, what concerns me is the fact that she has like 20 grandkids, so I wonder if they’re experiencing similar behavior? That’s really scary to think about, honestly.

But you’re 100% right, it’s beyond wrong and I’m not sure why I didn’t see the reality sooner? Luckily though, I don’t ever have to see her and she never comes around anymore.


and maybe when they tell relatives they probably get the same excuses aka “she’s old” or “you know how she is” or “shes your grandma so its okay”


i think all older siblings can agree

younger siblings they’re the sweetest but really annoying


lmao everyone in this family