Most common Stereotypes portrayed in stories 🤷

That is actually funny :joy:There is literally no romance build up that make us feel as if we were the ones who are in the relationship. I mean there has to be those tiny in between moments that make your heart flutter. Don’t you dare tell me after meeting 3 hours ago that we are in love :unamused:


precisely my point. After one look at the li, they just know that the li is gonna be the person they marry and it DRIVES ME CRAZY

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ghetto black girl
flamboyant, gay man
tomboy lesbian
confused/cheating bisexual


Heartless bad boys and mafia leaders showing their soft side and changing for the mc :fairy:t4:
Gay best friend who exists only to hype mc and get diversity points :sparkles:

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i feel like the girl is almost always in some situation where a guy has to save her. Excuse me, we can save ourselves!

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The fact that every single Italian in a story has to be part of the mafia.


I have that exact opposite problem. Girls (and guys) being able to fight off attackers and have perfect bodies but have never trained or gone to the gym once.
Also the “IM SaSSy STroNG AnD INDepeNDENT” trope which basically means the MC/LI gets to be a d!ck to everyone they meet and they forgive them bc MC & LI!!!

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