Most embarrassing moments!

I just looked through my photos and I notice the image of when my brother get his hand stuck in an elevator handle :joy: don’t ask me how.
And I’m just like looking through all these embarrassing images of me and my brother, when I like notice a video that my friend took, it was from a few years back and It was when I was an hour late for science. My teacher was just like: “I know you hate science but you don’t have to skip it to buy more makeup products, and I’m just like, slowly pushing the makeup bag down my rucksack just like, you saw nothing.
I got detention and the teacher took away my fave lipstick, I was like crying super hard.
Has anyone got any embarrassing moments so I can blow my head off from laughter :joy::grin:!?


A short one:
My wife was fostering a cat named Lucky. She went to pick him up at the vet’s after his operation and said to the medical staff and receptionist, “I’m here to get Lucky,” without realizing how that sounded until everyone burst into laughter.

A long one:
A few years ago, we shared a bungalow with my mother in law living in the built-in suite downstairs. A security system came with the house, which we never used because we didn’t want to pay the subscription fees, but was nonetheless still wired in, so every door opening made the central control box go “dee dee dee!”. We got used to it and forgot it was there.

One night about 2:00 AM, the control box was beeping regularly and continuously, “Beeeeep. Beeeep. Beeeep.” and wouldn’t stop. Frustrated and angry with it, I got out of bed, stomped down to the foyer where the control box was. My wife followed and my mother in law looked up from the bottom of the stairs, because the noise had woken everyone in the house up, and watched as I pulled off the panel and ripped out the wires connecting it to the house. The noise stopped and we breathed a sigh of relief and all went back to bed.
Lying in bed with my wife after the incident, I only then remembered I had been sleeping bottomless, so I was completely exposed to my mother in law from the waist down, who had a clear view of my dangling unmentionables from her point of view at the bottom of the stairs. My wife laughed so hard she had to pee.
The next day I apologized to her mom who waved it away, “It’s not like I haven’t seen that sort of thing before,” and we never spoke of it again. To this day, no matter how hot it gets in the summer, I always wear briefs to sleep. :flushed:

Footnote to this story is that we discovered one of the basement windows had been removed in the night and was leaning against the tree in the front yard. Someone HAD tried to break in to our house and the security system was actually only doing the job it was intended for in the first place, and I murdered it. We replaced all the windows with security lock windows after that. :worried:


I have been waiting for a thread like this. :joy: :clap: When I was primary 7 (age 10-11) and in my school had to do duties as P7 is the oldest class in the school. There was four duties that they put 2 P7’s on each week these duties were Lunch room helpers, packed lunch room helpers, people who set off the bells for lunch and play equipment. I was on the play equipment duty that week and on the first day we were in the music room which also where the play equipment was stored. People on duty go away with their partners 5 minutes before lunch and this b-tch who was my partner that week had left without me. So confused socially awkward me leaves the room for duty and then I realised that the equipment was supposed to be in the room I just left so I go back in forgetting that my class was in there. Then everyone turns to see me just awkwardly standing there. So I leave as soon as possible. And go into the gym hall where we usually enter to get the equipment. But my dumba-s forgot that the music room had two doors the one I just left out of and the one that leads to the gym hall. So again I get eyes staring at me because I am the dumb b-tch who re entered the room twice on accident. So I leave again embarrassed af. I am upset because I had just embarrassed myself twice in a row. I stand in my class trying not to cry and this b-tch and her friend come in the classroom back from putting out the equipment. I am confused and try to hide that I was upset. I later ask my cousin who is in the same class as me at the time and he tells me that the equipment had been moved to the vice head teachers office. So I was running around the school upset and the whole time they had moved the equipment. Everyone was laughing after I left so yeah that didn’t help when my cousin told me that.


Aww… I feel bad lol :joy:

secretly laughing

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I fell over outside in snow twice. Then almost fell over five more times.

(I also laughed to try not to cry from embarrassment-)

I probably looked like an idiot to my neighbours.

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Oh lord

So I usually have my phone on silent but here is the one time that I not only left my phone off silent but it was on full volume. So last year (before the pandemic) I was in English class and we were doing independent reading. My phone was on low battery so it was charging so it was across the classroom. Soon out of nowhere my phone started ringing and made some people jump out of shock. I just pretend that it wasn’t my phone so I didn’t move but then my phone kept on ringing and ringing and just blowing. So I was like “ok if I didn’t get viral on TikTok I’m throwing this thing out the window” so I got up turned off my phone. It was my dad saying I have a doctors appointment. I’m never doing independent reading in school again :sob::rofl:

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Hahaha lol :joy:

One time in speech class I had to do a presentation it had to be 3 to 5 minutes long. You could have note cards to read off or you could read off the slides that you made. Everyone that went up there had note cards to read off and I had two. So when I went up there I was planning on reading off my slides as I was reading I couldn’t see the whole page because the people on zoom were blocking it. So I had it stop the teacher had to come fix it and I got really nervous and kept messing up. I said sorry so much because I kept stuttering it was so embarrassing. And what made it worse is the guy I used to like had to do a review on my presentation :joy:


When I was in middle school, we had to do a physical during P.E. one day, one of my friends was holding my legs down so I could do sit ups without lifting my feet. And while I was struggling to sit up I let out a loud fart right in my friend’s face. Everyone laughed except for us. Then it happened again when I was in high school. I’ll have you know, I haven’t done sit ups since then…


I also have another embarrassing moment, but that’s a little more graphic.


OMG :rofl:


Ooh thanks for making this!! These kinds of threads are always fun :joy:

I kinda had a embarrassing moment the other day… I was waiting for the elevator in my college dorm (my room was a few stories higher) and when the elevator door opened, I started to walk in without thinking. I almost ran into a girl I knew that was getting out! She gave me a weird look and then walked off and I felt stupid :skull::skull::sweat_smile:

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Oh noooooo :joy::joy: that genuinely sounds traumatic tho, I’m sorry :pleading_face:

If it makes you feel better, I had something really similar happen to me once (not during a workout but still really embarrassing lol)

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I have many situations where I have embarrassed myself LMFAO!!! :rofl:

I was trying ride my bicycle up the slope we have just attached from the outside to our building gate. All my friends were kinda expert in taking their bicycles from the slope even my younger sister was capable of doing it so decided to try it. When I rode my bicycle on the slope, the tires hit a stone and my bicycle fell down. Thank god I didn’t fell down otherwise I would have been more embarrassed. Everyone were staring at me and I just took my bicycle and went inside the building lol :joy:


In 7th grade I sat down on a stool in Visual Arts class without realizing it had (a lot of clear) glue on it, so when I tried to get up — I discovered my shorts were glued to the stool. :skull:

My strapless dress also slipped down at our 6th grade formal dance.

I’ve also been kicked in the crotch by a horse.

I have more, but I’m too embarrassed to type them here… they’re that bad. :joy:


Back at when we had actual school…

I have really long legs, especially for my age. At class, I like to do weird sitting poses because just sitting down normally doesn’t feel right lol. Sometimes I cross my legs, and that was okay with most teachers.
I got moved though, and I had to sit with a classmate of mine, and since all the desks are different, and many times we have small short desks, this short guy was sitting at a short desk.
I don’t know why I didn’t know that my legs wouldn’t fit there, especially being crossed, but whatever.
That dude also HAD to have a slushy on the desk. Shaking my head.
So, I tried to cross my legs - and failed - and I literally pushed the desk upwards, I fell down, and the slushy got all over the dude’s shirt. I got a warning, and I never dared to cross my legs again when I was sitting with others.

I apologized to the guy and I was pretty embarassed to draw all this unwanted attention to myself, that teacher hates me now, and the guy must have been furious that I wasted his slushy and poured it all over his clothes.

Now, onto the online school days…

My cat has removed me from two meetings. Love her.

I always eat when in online class. Although there was one time where I was eating cereal, and I had my mic on. Everyone was concerned about the “mystery cereal sounds” lmao.

I made my own zoom room but i have no one to hang out with so i just keep it to myself, or I hang out with my sister sometimes there (stupid i know lol). When I am in a zoom meeting with my sister i change my whole name to a funny nickname each time (that time it was BadboyCole). I had forgotten to change my name back to my actuall full name and the next day i logged on to my first class as BadboyCole. I got expelled and I had no clue why. Goodness.


ooofff the slushie…


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I also do this with my brother when I am bored :sweat_smile:

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