Most embarrassing story?

Lol we all have them but I kind of want see which story is the worst.
I’ll start off! :raised_hand:
My school district has this thing where each elementary school has “Field Day”.
Meaning every one goes outside and has fun because it’s summer. They have games where you can get wet or not get wet. Anywho, I had a plastic see thru bag for my clothes and I didn’t want people to see my underwear so I put it between my towels. Not a good idea.
After field day was over. I didn’t really change because I wasn’t that wet. We were starting to line up, but I was still gathering my things near the play structure.
I decided to take out my towel and dry my hair, and then I went to line up.
BUT THEN my teacher was calling out “Who left this?” and oh my god I wanted to die because they were my panties! They fell out of my towel. I left my underwear in the middle of the playground where everyone could see! So I walked over and tried to pretend they weren’t mine but everyone was laughing and giggling. Then I just picked them up and went back in line.
And that is the story of how the whole 6th grade saw my pink panties. :confounded:


AW That must hurt hereks mine tho:

In class, I was passing notes to my friend and I wrote my crush and bla bla private stuff, and I was gonna throw a paper in the trash AND MY NOTE WENT IN THE FRIKIN RECYCLING!! the teacher saw it ;( and and it to Tehran whole class. I wanted coffee to jump out the window


OMG wow that sucks


major backstabbing friend that is like so messed up!:expressionless:




:crying_cat_face::crying_cat_face:omg sorry!!


Lol yeah!

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Picture it, St. Patrick’s Day 2016, my friend Raffa’s house party. I’m sitting back slamming jungle juice colored a lovely festive green, in my pomposity I forget that the point of jungle juice is to make the most powerful alcoholic drink that still manages to taste like candy. I go home with my friend Jesse, in my mind it’s on, in his mind I’m too drunk to drive and he’s the only sober friend left to take care of me. We get to the house, he says “You should probably go to bed”, I said “vakns dvalkn alkfb” but what I thought I said was something sexy and alluring. He begins to escort me to his bedroom, I begin to lift my shirt up, but before I can get it over my head my stomach decides to lurch out green vomit like the pea soup scene from the Exorcist all over myself and his hallway. I then stumble to the bathroom, fall a lot, leaving a Kelly green puke trail in my wake. When the carnage, him holding my hair as a puke my guts out half in half out of the toilet bowl, is over he gives me sweat pants and lets me shower. He is then left to clean the mess up with his roommate since I passed out upstairs. The moral of this pitiful story is, don’t get cocky when you’re drinking, and if someone likes you enough they’ll still ask you out after you had a puke party all up and down their house.


I was drinking and playing table soccer with my friends in a pub. I needed a quick bathroom break, then I walked back to the foosball table. My friends started laughing about something but they didn’t say a single word, so I was like: okay, they are weird, who cares…
I started playing and had a really good time for like 10 minutes until a handsome stranger walked up to me with a huge smile on his face. I noticed him checking me out so I thought he wanted to offer me a drink or something. He bended close then whispered: “You have a long piece of toilet paper hanging out of your pants.”
So yeah, I guess I don’t need enemies with friends like this :smiley:


The time when my pants fell down in line (My coat was coverng doe)

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ohhh well at least you know now he’s a good guy lol

haha omg that’s super embarrassing

ahhh that really sucks

Shieeeeet. Dang, that must’ve been so horrible for you.

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I flew from a local airport to Minneapolis to Amsterdam.
At the local airport, they didn’t have me take out my liquids and when the metal detector beeped, they just saw I had forgotten to take my passport out of my pocket and waved me through.

Fast forward two weeks.
I was at Schiphol Airport to fly home again.
Now, all my liquids were divided between several Ziploc bags, and I had to take all that out.
This time, I remembered to take my passport out, but I did not think I would have to take my bag that went under my clothes off.
The detector goes off, the agent has me stand still with my arms out as she gently pats me dowm, and I am ticklish. I am very ticklish.
I also laugh in awkward situations.
As I am laughing, she looks at my mother and says, “I need to do this.”
My mother glares at me and tells me to behave.
Finally, she finished and I am free to go-- or not.
Guess who forgot about the hand sanitizer in her purse?
Another agent (who was rather handsome) has to rifle through my bags in search of what made the detector go off.
During the process he gives me the whole spiel about what is or isn’t allowed.
Finally, he finds the culprit and tells me “Madam, next time be sure to take out all your liquids.”

I give my sincere apologies to anyone who was in a rush and behind me in line that day and to that poor agent that had to pat me down.


My friends convinced me to get a Tinder…
A guy messaged me less than 5 minutes after I made my account. He sent me his address and told me to come over. I was so creeped out I deleted my account. Fast forward a few days to my Tuesday class (I’m in college) And who’s in my class? The guy from Tinder… yup.

I ran out of that class so fast omg.


AHHH wow that’s awkward

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lol you’re not the only who forgot to take all their liquids out. :raised_hand:

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Mines when I was on the tram and i wasn’t holding on so i fell and sat on a random guys knee… He was with he is girlfriend.