Most embarrssing moment

Well, he couldn’t leave… it was his place and we were in the shower together :grimacing::sweat_smile:. As soon as I got in, he looked at me and pointed it out. I should have ran out but he was like “hey it’s okay”. He was such a gentleman at one of the most embarrassing moments of my life :joy:

I don’t think he even remembers…:thinking:

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oh my goodness​:grinning: awwwww how i would DIEEE to have a relationship like yours nooooo im crying his so sweet :tired_face:
nah im joking its a good thing he doesn’t remember cos he gonna tease you about it
Also ur first date and yall already showing together IM IN LOVE :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Haha it’s hard to find someone like that. I’m glad it wasn’t a turn off :joy: But it didn’t last long, after a minute, it stopped bleeding.

He still teases me anyways. I just don’t want one more thing to tease me about :joy:

It wasn’t easy but I’m glad it worked out

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