Most hated episode names

Wait I’m interested now sips tea what happened?


Bella, Morgan

and yes that is a good name

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Don’t wanna say her name out loud… But basically she accused me of copying hers story and threatened me lmao, I didn’t know about her when I started writing my story :slight_smile: I made a topic about it:"Copying story"


I just read the thread she seems so dumb :woman_facepalming::roll_eyes: please don’t let people like that get u down I’m so sorry that happened to u

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Me deciding to change the name of one of my MC’s kids in a sequel to my first story, and the first story itself cuz I’m scared of my stories getting backlash :flushed:


My mom’s name is Stacy.

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Lol I named the *sshole ex “Brody” so that people would hate him!!
I was like “what an annoying name that could easily tick off people?”


Don’t be scared of getting backlash. The most common names last year were surprising. Like seriously, I know one Aria.

Oops… I actually like the name, ur mom has a pretty name :two_hearts: but I hate seeing it as the high school, blonde mean girls name again & again & again :sob:

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the fact that most of these names are characters from a famous author Stories :eyes: :skull:


I know who lol… @Lucy3 is she the one who called you out? Like the creator of Hi… Or In… Ehm

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That’s what I thought but I hadn’t seen anything on her story about it.

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Haha, yes :slightly_smiling_face:

I could tell by the names and your pfp. You were talking about her.

Pfp? The characters don’t look like hers

I see similarities to a certain couple and the tattoo. Maybe I was looking too far into it but that is what I noticed. :thinking:

They definitely aren’t the same but they look similar.

I’ve never see her characters having rose tattoo of u mean this one… however there are so many characters similar to hers, she’s not ep queen who has her own characters or something, kinda overrated I would say.

No they don’t have the tattoo, I mean if that character got that tattoo it would be something that relates to her.

You are talking about her like some episode queen… Honestly characters and stories on episode are just so similar nowadays, however she doesn’t own any characters or what… I think that Lucy was specifically talking about how she accused her of copying hers story not characters. Also this situation is really stressfull and hard, my friend has gone through some similar situation and they’ve been sending her death threats etc…

I am not, I am just saying that the characters look similar to hers. I am not accusing anyone of anything or praising anyone. I am gonna leave it at that and if she sent her death threats then that is not okay. I am just stating they look alike.