Most humiliating way to get fired?


The tittle says it all.


Hmm… My mind first comes to live TV, where someone who works, broadcasting or something, on live TV, and majorly messes up, I think it would be humiliating because everyone who has watched TV that day has the *assumed knowledge that you got fired… And, if it were drastic enough, maybe even get reported on, on another news station…That would be humiliating.


I feel like a humiliating way to get fired would be to arrive at work to find your stuff in a box right by the door with your name on it lol. I’d be pretty embarrassed.


Hmm… A sticky note saying “Incompetent” on your office desk?


LOL!!! I’d be like “Who wrote this?!?”


Or your boss fires you live on TV with everyone watching. Major Humiliation :joy::joy:

It happened on family guy actually, actually I think also the simpsons too :joy::joy:


I know that I’d run out crying!


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