Most painful thing anyone has ever done/said to you

What is the most painful thing anyone has done/said to you?


Eek I’ve had many :grimacing: One of them is when someone very close to me abandoned me without a word…they just took off :pleading_face:


That’s awful. Was it a long time ago?


Well it happened to me twice, once when I was a kid and again in the winter that just passed. They didn’t leave because of me (they had conflicts with other people, I prefer to stay out of these conflicts) but taking off without saying anything just hurts. But despite this, I’m happy I have wonderful friends on Episode who better not leave or I will track them down evil laugh :smiling_imp: I’m just kidding BTW :joy: :smirk: I try not to think about it because it makes me sad but you just gotta move on and try your best to be happy :blob_hearts:


I have a lot. But one is…

When a co-writer I had been working with for a few months on my story “Dangerous Affection” just stopped responding.


someone outed me in middle school in 8th grade and then the whole school knew i was gay. at the time i was just coming to terms with my sexuality so it was really hard for me and also the fact that someone broke my trust like that. i became known as the “crazy lesbian girl.”

luckily i didn’t really encounter any bullying. just lost some friends and had some people come up to me asking if i was really gay.

at the same time, the first girl i’ve ever liked and her friends actually secretly hated me and was only acting friendly with me cus they were being “nice.” turns out they were also talking shit about me in my face in japanese and i was completely unaware.


The most painful thing that happened to me was when these mean bullies done a bad prank on me and got me in trouble instead of them.


I’ve had a lot of stuff said and done to me but here’s one example. :woman_shrugging:


A bit over a year ago, I was dating this guy, we had been dating for over 2 years. I was depressed, but I didn’t know it then. I once talked to him telling how I was thinking that maybe I could be depressed but he was just like no you’re just over emotional. Some time passed by and I attempted suicide, and the one person who said he loved me adn had told he he’d be there for me and I tought would maybe at least care out of all the people I knew, didn’t care at all. I did text him aking for help, and for him to talk to me but no. And that is the most hurtful thing anyone has ever done to me. After we broke up he called me a skeleton because I was a bit skinny, he also wanted to tell me how nobody would ever want be because no guy wants a girl who has scars all over her body. After that I was VERY insicure and actually believed what he said ( I even started to try and get in shape in order to get him back but I just lost weight.) This is also one of the most hurtful things ever said to me…


I’m so sorry, you didn’t deserve that.


I guess a fight with a guy friend? We had stopped talking due to me being upset at him over something and after a while he tried to be “shady " at me and when I confronted him about it he told me to “fuck off and stop annoying him”. Well, after a month or so of avoiding each other completely, he apologized too much. Can’t say that I wasn’t naive but I missed him too much. Then, we just lost touch and we don’t speak to each other but you know we don’t dislike each other. I miss us hanging out sometimes.
It isn’t the most " hurtful” thing someone has said to me. Mostly, it’s me being hurtful at myself but I guess it stung a bit when that incident happened.


Thank you. I know I didn’t deserve it, nobody deserves other people doing stuff like it. But there’s no helping it anymore. Just gotta make sure at least nobody else is getting treated like that is possible to prevent it.




Hope you’re okay now… I honestly can’t imagine what that would be like


Thanks, I’m way better now. I got over him and what he did. Depression is now gone, after some treatments.


I can’t pinpoint one… usually not one word or sentence tears me down but it’s the repetition of it. Like I can take it as a joke but when they’re repeat over and over again I just feel like I’m not wanted and an invisible. I hope it’s not just me who is built a bit like this

That’s good! Happy that your okay :heart::heart:

Oki, not something really rude but something hurtful. One time when I was in fourth grade me and this girl go into a fight. She said some nasty things to me I told her to shut up (after being called a bitch I didn’t think I did anything wrong telling her to be quiet) and then she whined to her brother. After school her brother cornered me and told me if I ever tell her to shut up again he would kill my whole family and everyone I knew. I told someone and he got in trouble with the police I felt bad telling after that. :pensive:


This one was more hurtful than the first I posted.

My dad has been in and out of my life ever since I could remember by the point of this happening, he had been out of it he had been out for quite a few years before it happened.
I had just hit my teens The first time I went to visit him and my stepmom went well enough, but the second, he bad-mouthed my mom and when I went and told her about it and she confronted him, he messaged me and called me a liar. Then when I stopped talking to him for a while, he went and tried to turn my best friend against me… And I found out about the last part from my best friend a few weeks before my birthday that year.


That makes two of us. But what really hurts me is every time I give the time of the day to my mom. I spend most of the time at home with headphones

She is always like “you’re not good enough, you’re obliged to help me because my business is more important than you”, if I don’t make things the way she wants, it’s because I’m dumb. No matter how much effort I make to help everyone it’s never enough. Everyone else is better than me and that I’m a rebellious, ungrateful and sh*tty daughter.


Good. :triumph: Crazy fking kids like that need to learn someday. I’m sure the police didn’t actually believe him, especially if he was like under 12, but still, if he never learned the easy way not to talk like that, then he can learn the hard way. :muscle: