Moterbike overlay

Hey there! Does anyone know where I can find a red motorbike and a dark green ish emerald coloured one too, overlay from, and I was just wondering if anyone was willing to do an overlay of my character on the motorbike? Please reply if you don’t mind and I will of course credit you! I’m a new writer with 0 art skills, and I really need help, I’m re vamping my ink story and trying to make it as good as possible as my ink story kind of flopped :frowning: . My limelight story will be much more interesting and will have better character development and overall better directing with a plot that has more depth. If you’d like to read my ink story by any chance here is some info:
I really hope you enjoy it :grin:.
Title - Impossible Hope
Author - Selena Z
Genre - Drama (With LOTS of romance and TONS of comedy and action!)
Chapters - 6 published (more coming soon)
Style - INK (limelight version coming soon).
Link -




Oh my gosh thank you so much I love the red one! Do you have any other angles of it if that makes sense, if not it’s okay I still love it! And I love the green one too, I will definitely use it but do you have anything that’s more of a darker green too, almost emerald? Again, if not it’s okay I appreciate this so so much, I honestly didn’t expect anyone to even reply :sneezing_face: :heart:

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I have more motorbikes but they are all different and this is the only green one I had…I’m Sorry…

I actually found this one too …

I love these, thank you so much! Do you have them in any other colours, they don’t have to be red or green!


I’ll send more, if I find…

I absolutely love them, thank you so much!