Motivating people

Encouraging people, speaking up against social evils and motivating them…
I made a stop bullying on this forums and some did say they were bullied. Bullying exists everywhere and it is our duty to stands up against them
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How will you motivate people to stand up against bullying?
Share your motivational stories…

Not on only the forums, everywhere

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Standing up for other people was something that was kind of difficult for me since I’ve always been a very shy and non-confrontational person.

This is a pretty basic mantra to go by, but it always does the trick: imagine yourself in their shoes.

If I was ever in a situation where I was being constantly degraded and pushed around, I would obviously want someone to care. When you imagine yourself watching as people pass by without care while you’re getting bullied, it just adds loads more salt into the wound. So if it hurts just to imagine this, think of how it feels for the person actually living that brutal reality. Simply knowing that people care is such a great feeling that everyone should feel compelled to bring to others. A small act of kindness such as standing up for someone goes a very long way.

I haven’t witnessed a lot of bullying situations but when I do, this is something I think about a lot to motivate myself to stand up for someone when it’s way out of my comfort zone.

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Happens to me most of the time

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