Motivation and ideas vanish

I have lost hope for my story but I wanna continue and my story’s plot is all over the place. Any tips on ideas or just any bit of hope?


Hey !
Writing a story is super difficult and time consuming, so congrats for at least trying ! It’s hard to find motivations sometimes, but don’t lose hope, because maybe someone out there is looking for a story like yours and would love to read it. (:
Now, with that said, what is it you’re most struggling with ? Is it planning your story ? Writing it ? Having inspiration ? Those are all valid struggles to have, and there are always ways to overcome them. Feel free to tell more details about it, maybe I or someone else can help you figure it out !
Best of luck :heart:

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I have no idea what to do with my plot and my insides are decaying just by thinking about it. h e l p

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If I make my plot any more nonsense, reader’s brains will shrivel up and decay into a gelatinous mass of sadness and stupidity.

LOL isn’t that a mood.

Well what is your story about ? Do you know the ending ? How are your characters like ? Have you tried planning it enirely ?(if that makes sense)
Sometimes when one thing doesn’t work, you need to try something else. And when inspiration doesn’t come at all, it’s good to step back and take time to do other stuff ; watch movies, shows, read books, etc.

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heres the list of personalities
TIA - Accident prone, but kind hearted. and is sensitive
GABRIEL - TIA’s best friend, the kind of friend that forces you into parties but you have a good time anyway because they know you too well
CLARK - manipulative ex, thats it, that quite literally him

The main focus of the story is dealing with a breakup but with a best friend who totally isnt a love interest there to comfort you

btw the story is called “Better off without you”

Hey there!
I think planning your story properly is the first step towards everything. I created a thread a while ago, maybe you’ll find it helpful :slight_smile:
Writing an Episode story 101 - The key to success

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