Motivation for making Characters

How do you guys get motivation to make characters?!?!

I can never seem to make enough characters for my story that I need!

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It depends on how your story goes. It’s ideal that each (or at least most) of your characters within the plot would serve a purpose or role. For instance, if you’re writing a romance you should have your basic MC, love interest(s), and foils.

For the actual character creation, a basic rule to remember is for ‘good’ characters create more positive characteristics than bad, and vice versa for ‘bad’ characters.

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I like creating characters. I can spend hours with customization and several days with thinking about their personality, way of speaking, behavior in different situations. No matter how interesting the plot is, if the characters are rushed, the story won’t be good.

Completely unwittingly but something that I’m completely grateful for, I actually ended up mashing my current story together with all of my unfinished story ideas from the past!

What happened then is that I had a good frame for a storyline and I had really fleshed out characters with cool backstories because they were actually supposed to be protagonists for stories that I’d planned before.

If you have a book full of old story ideas, I really recommend looking through it again and seeing if any of the characters that you thought up originally can somehow be incorporated into your current project.

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