Motivation for Writing: What do you love about your stories? Or: Reasons you use to not hate yourself and your writing anymore

Hey Guys,

I’ve been browsing the forums lately. More like everyday, amiright? :eyes: . And I noticed an alarming spike in the number of unmotivated / insecure / deflated writers.

I was one of them. Aha ha a h a .

I started to hate my stories and found them extremely boring. Characters that I used to love started to irritate me and I felt that I barely knew them anymore. My writing made me feel inadequate and I really resented writing for a few months. I know how easy it seems to just give up. Toss in the towel. Throw your basket of disappointments and what-could-have-beens away.

Recently, I rediscovered my love for my characters and the main reason why I started to write again.

As one that recently experienced such a depressing slump, I want to encourage everyone to grow their love for their beloved story babies.

Aka, brag ahahahaha


  1. What inspired you to write your story in the first place? Was it music, films, a passing experience?
  2. What do you love most about your story? (It can be your characters, directing, writing style, the fact that it give you the tingles…)
  3. Which character do you relate with the most? Why?
  4. Which character do you love the most? (Is it their strengths? Weaknesses? Their personality?)
  5. Do you have any morals / life lessons / hidden message behind it? (It doesn’t have to :stuck_out_tongue: )

Try to dig out a lil bit of old love from your stories and hopefully, you might be motivated to push on again!

Aka, don’t be afraid to self-compliment / brag.

I fully encourage it.

Edit: Give me all your DETAILS! I want to know EVERYTHING!! :heartpulse:

For Me

MC: Between Worlds

  1. I was inspired by the Missed Connections Prompt and… kpop. Ahahahaha Mostly, “Save Me, Save You” by WJSN. The ethereal / magical theme and sort of romantic music really inspired me.
  2. I like my directing style. Although it’s tedious and I really hated directing since it was my first time- I get so satisfied when it plays out perfectly. I like my apple scene.
  3. I relate with K the most because I really like to escape all my troubles, even when it isn’t the best thing to do at that moment in time ompf.
  4. I love Astrid. Mostly because of the way she really cares about MC and her snarkiness. She shows affection through a bit of tough love and I really like that about her.
  5. Most of my friends, myself included, have experienced an existential crisis before. I questioned life and death when I was really young so I sort of got over it. But my current partner (in-crime) / lampboi that shares this account with me, constantly deals with it. I wanted to let others know that it isn’t such a strange thing to think about / be obsessed with and that we should try to enjoy our time here, in the present, instead of worrying about the future. Especially when there’s a certain outcome.

As in my wattpad story,it was a thai drama full house that inspired me

The plot of the story is unique…and ofc the characters but i love the former more…

I cant relate my present life wid any character because the female protagonist is a broke and the male protagonist is an actor…

I love both the protagonists chemistry slowly developing wid time for each other…


Thank you for making this after my topic. This is a great way to bring up those positive feelings again. :blush:

What inspired you to write your story in the first place? Was it music, films, a passing experience? It was my feelings and thoughts, I wanted to put them into something instead of only thinking about them.

What do you love most about your story? I love how it’s different to the stories that I myself have read, I love how it includes a realistic plot.

Which character do you relate with the most? Why? The main character, because I’ve based her on myself and my own emotions.

Which character do you love the most? Again, the main character. I love how the accept that they have certain ‘flaws’.

Do you have any morals / life lessons / hidden message behind it? Kind of, and that’s what makes it special to me.



This happened to me a few months ago. It was absolutely terrible because I like to spend a lot of time developing my characters so for them to suddenly feel one-dimensional and plastic made me feel like I had wasted my time completely. I took a month or two hiatus from writing and they kind of came back but the whole thing was definitely discouraging. I’m writing again now, though, and I think the pause was a nice refresh because now I have a new vision for the story.

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I didn’t write this story on episode. It’s basically just my personal story, which I’m debating whether to share it with the world or not.

Well, it was basically me asking my self “What if…” questions. And then this small idea formed in my head, and soon I had so many ideas, and I just joined them all together to become one story.

I love that it isn’t like a romance story. It’s more of a complicated friendship between a guy and a girl. There’s barely any stories focused on friendship. The closest I’ve seen is that the main character and her best-friend end up falling in love. I just wanted to be a little different, ya know?

I think I relate mostly to Alec, who’s one of the main characters. He’s afraid that whatever he does is not good enough for his “family”, and he thinks of himself as a wimp and a good for nothing guy. He’s sensitive, and he also feels a lot of guilt for what he did. In the end he ends up breaking free from those thoughts, and becoming his own new person.

Mmmm, that’s a hard question. Maybe Skye(the second main character)? I really don’t know. She acts like she’s all tough, cause she thinks if she shows any signs of weekness people won’t like her. She has moments were she just breaks down, on her own. But then again, I love Alec a lot as well…

  • Be who you want to be
  • Don’t let society define you
  • No one’s perfect

This was actually pretty fun to write :sweat_smile:

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  1. Plenty of international dramas, and real-world problems. My feelings and thoughts as well. Music, of course, helped me too.

  2. I love the plot. The plot is so gripping, as well as the subjects that are shown in the story as well. I love the characters too!

  3. I can relate to the main character, Destiny. She’s hardworking and determined to solve the case of the bloody necklace no matter what it takes.

  4. Honestly? I love Lucinda. She may be the neighbor of Mrs. Carrington but she’s very loyal. The villains have tried to hurt her, but she stayed on the right side.

  5. The message would have to be that money and power doesn’t equal happiness. Absinthe wanted to be happy and comfortable so bad, after being abandoned for most of her life, she began to desire what she couldn’t have. This led her to eventually take what she thought was hers by force. Katrina. Angry and tormented. She couldn’t find the right way to express that anger so it made her evil and twisted. Corrine… She was already fragile, very fragile. She got tired of Lucinda blackmailing her and snapped, immediately turning evil. This pushed her to insanity. So, moral… Take charge of your problems before they become you.

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Well writing episode stories takes a lot of work.
Trust me I know
(hasn’t published a story yet)
(been working on only the first episode for years)
ok ok I’m not the best example
But it doesn’t really matters what others think about your work
I mean yeah you want ppl to enjoy it but don’t write a story you don’t enjoy as well as the readers
For me I just be creative in my own weird way that takes years apparently
And try and include some funny moments that I can enjoy
But back to what I was saying
To really be commited into a story you just need to believe in your capabilities
It’s sure to work out in the end

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this is such a good idea and so nice of you! aaa what a legend :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::heart:

omg i wish i knew :joy::woman_facepalming: i was just watching the office and then it kinda just came to me. i definitely got a lot of my ideas from pretty little liars however

the directing definitely. i put a lot of time into it and i’m glad that it turns out pretty decent in the end :joy::crazy_face:

prolly the “mean girl” in my story because she just goes through so much stuff behind the scenes that no one knows about and doesn’t really talk about what’s wrong and i can relate :woman_shrugging::joy::joy: i guess there’s just more to her than what’s on the surface and i feel that :joy:
but also the mc becauseeeee rElAtAbLe tEeN :crazy_face::joy:

i love the villain in my story for reasons that no one knows yet :joy::joy: but they’re definitely my favorite character

lmao idk
don’t talk to strangers :crazy_face::crazy_face:

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It was everything in my head, I can’t stop to think about my characters so I started to write about them.

How it makes me feel when I read it before publish and everything is like I imagined it

If I have to choose one I relate with nobody, but in each character there is a part of me, so I relate with everyone a little bit.

MC and second MC (in my story there is a principal MC and a secondary one) and (it’s weird I know) the "enemy " of the MC

I never thought about it but if there are I didn’t made them on purpose

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I love the passion you have behind your story! And this is a great thread idea :smile:

Here’s my answers:

What inspired you to write your story in the first place? Was it music, films, a passing experience?
My story is It Was Written In The Stars by Mars X. I was inspired by my love for astrology and I wanted to incorperate real astrology into a story somehow. Stories with “astrology” ive seen so far only show the watered-down one dimensional pop version (a pet peeve of mine lol) and I wanted to show that astrology is more than one sign and goes in depth. because so many people judge it before they even know what it actually is. So my main character is an astrologer and model, theres some scenes of him talking to clients and theres gonna be minigames with little tidbits of astro info. i also coded a little astrology “app” into his phone which is interactive and the reader can check Leo’s “horoscope” and his birth chart lol. i was also inspired to write a healthy gay romance, because i rarely see healthy relationships in general, and on tv theres too many gay relationships that arent happy. also i wanted to write a story with a trans character actually portrayed correctly, since we are virtually never portrayed correctly and our voices are silenced. the change isnt going to do itself, so i want to be a part of the change.

What do you love most about your story? (It can be your characters, directing, writing style, the fact that it give you the tingles… )
I love that i can show people different perspectives and experiences through storytelling, and tbh i just wanna write a cute romance but also one thats not run-of-the-mill. I also love that im actually not doing that horrible with developing my characters and i thought i’d be terrible at that at first.

Which character do you relate with the most? Why?
Either Leo (MC) or Jasper (love interest’s friend). Leo because, well, hes an astrologer lmao. And I gave him a couple similar astrology placements to mine. Jasper because i have a backstory planned out for him and his sister thats similar to mine and id get into that but spoilers lol.

Which character do you love the most?
Im in love with all my characters tbh like i cant pick :sweat_smile: but maybe that will change as i develop them.

Do you have any morals / life lessons / hidden message behind it?
Yes! I’ll address the issue of poverty, alcoholism, depression, also will delve a little into gender identity. for life lessons, maybe to follow your passions. probably more lessons as i flesh out the story.

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