Motorbike/Motorcycle Script Template! (FREE)

Hey guys! It didn’t seem like there were any motorbike or motorcycle script templates out there, and I’m sure a lot of people would love to have a motorbike scene in their stories, so I decided to make one for you! You can see an example of it in this video:

And here are the links to the template based on which scene you want to use:
Motorbike Script Template (Nighttime City Scene)
Motorbike Script Template (Rural Scene)
Motorbike Script Template (Tropical Scene)

You don’t even need to do any finding and replacing names - simply input your character names into the generator on the website, and your code will be ready!

I hope you find this useful! I would love to know what you think of it! :blush:


OMG! Amazing! :heart_eyes:
Thank you so much for another template!

I think that almost everyone are happy that you returned and are helping new authors with coding!
Because the start is always the hardest.


I can’t get into your website?

Me neither…

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same :worried:

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Heck yeah!

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I’m really sorry about this! I think I’ve fixed this issue now! Please let me know if you’re still having the same problem.

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Ok but this is hands down the best motorcycle template I’ve ever seen


I’m really sorry about this! Would you be happy to reload the site and let me know if it works for you now?

I’m so sorry! Would you be able to try it now and let me know if it’s working for you?

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It work great thank you so much :hugs::smiley:

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Excellent! Sorry about the issue before, and thank you for checking for me! I hope you enjoy the template :slight_smile:

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Yes, it works now thank you @JosephEvans :relaxed:

Thank you I can’t wait to use it for my story you’re awesome I’ll definitely give you credit :hugs::relaxed: