Motorbike overlay with character on it with helmet

Can anyone make the bike overlay we’re the character is sitting on it with a helmet on

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What character is it?


Or do you mean details xx

Yeah can you sent me a picture or a description of the character?

Yeh will do now xx


winterdeet lyricdeet

Both of them?
and if so who is in front?
and can you sent me a picture where they sit down?

ooh wait now i get it 2 sec.

i mean like 2 bikes in diffrent overlays with them characters on with helmets and also you can choose outfit as long as black x


Thank you how do i credit? x

Just write my username last at your story if that’s ok

Yep, sure x

Yeah but do you want them to sit on the bike now in like an overlay or do you want just motor bike overlays?

I want them sitting on them in a overlay xx

Thanks xx

Ok then can you sent my a picture of them sitting?