Motorcycle HELP

Can anyone help me with making my characters ride a motorcycle?

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move your post to art resources section, I’m sure someone will make you an edit :slight_smile:

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Thank you

I have motorcycle overlays in my drive. Visit my profil, click on my IG acc then fill out a form (security system is originally an idea of @shellyg and @pamelac.stories ) . I’ll give you the access to the drive.


Like this: Credit Overlay to @andra.h.episode

But if you want a character riding on it, you’ll have to ask someone else to edit it for you.

Hey thank you but yeah I’d need characters on the bike

You’d need to make an overlay of one of the characters legs to put over the bike so it looks like they’re riding it.

So I’d just need legs?

I guess so…? Otherwise your characters would just be behind the bike. I would make a leg overlay and an arm overlay to make it look like the character is riding the motorbike by attaching them to his/her body. I’ve never tested that out though so who knows how it’s going to turn out :joy:

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I think episode should really work on this