Mount Olympus High *OFFICIAL RP*


The academic school year here at Mount Olympus High has finally come!!!

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As soon as she entered school chatter started she ignored it she went to her locker and got her books a girl tripped her up



I sling my backpack over my shoulders, as I walk through the halls. It’s crowded, and noisy. Not what I was used to. I walk to my locker near another girl, and start entering the combination. I grab my books, not noticing anything—and start walking to my first class.



Yet agian another girl purposely tripped me up I tried to make it to class but I bumped into another girl “im so sorry im in a rush…oh your Artemis daughter…arent you…?” @C_ssie


Ashlynn @UltimaW
I walk to class, but a girl bumps into me. “Aretemis?” I ask confused for a second, but then I say; “Oh… yeah.” I pause. “How did you know?”



“No reason I just guessed” she lied when she talked to Zues he showed me photos of Artemis daughter she said in her mind Please dont know who I am! @C_ssie


Ashlynn @UltimaW
“Oh…” I say. “Cool.” I am honestly freaked out. Is she human? Did she see me when I was on earth? “So What homeroom are you in?” I ask.



Looks like I’m here…

I look up at the huge school.

Damn, they’ve outdone themselves this time.

I think to myself as I finally enter the hustling, bustling hallway.



“I think I’m in yours…you don’t recognise me do you?” @C_ssie


Ashlynn @UltimaW
No…” I reply. Spend to much time on earth. I think. If she told my mom I’d literally die. “Should I?”

OORP: And Who is Cheshire… I am so confused…




OORP: and the post before that one is Cheshire as well. No biggie—I do that all the time in my other RP’s.


PRP I changed them all


OORP: Cool—also I replied so um just waiting…



“Daughter of Hades…the girl who hung around with Zues alot and kinda…I rember Artemis telling you about me” @C_ssie



Lots of new faces here…

In this overcrowded hallway, I recognized only half.
I walk over to my locker and lean on it while on my phone.



Ashlynn @UltimaW
I pause. “Cool.” I say. “Sorry I didn’t recognize you sooner… I don’t really listen to what my mom says most of the time now…” I Pause. “Don’t tell her that though.”

Daughter of Hades? Least she had a parent that didn’t push her to be “good and nice” or whatever—all the time.



“I wont as long as you dont tell my farther I’m being nice” @C_ssie


Ashlynn @UltimaW
“As long as you don’t tell my mom I am…” I pause trying to think of the right word. “Rude? I guess?”



“Yeah I won’t tell”