Mount Olympus High *OFFICIAL RP*


Orp: what does that mean


ORP: It means that you can start a conversation with them or go up to them


Oh oops


ORP anyone approachable, I haven’t posted with him yet so he can be anywhere


ORP: My character, Bronwyn is


ORP want to approach him? since hes not on the forms yet, his name Is Lucas (I think, cant really remember what I put lol) hes the son of Dionysos



ORP: Sure


ORP: Lucas has been added to the faceclaims! Check it out to learn more about him!


She walked through the school front entrance for the first time, biting her lip. She was used to being new, but the first day always carried that uneasy feeling. Looking down the corridor, she set off to find out where she was supposed to go.


ORP: Approachable


Hi, do you know where English is?

ORP: approachable and am i doing this right?


ORP: I believe you’re doing it right!

She turned around, slightly startled.
“This place might as well be a labyrinth, I have no idea where I’m going. We can get hopelessly lost together, if you want.”



How the hell was she supposed to find all her classes? The school was huge, and she had absolutely no sense of direction…

ORP: Approachable


“Why, not? Don’t have anything better to do.”


“Hey, you look kinda lost. Wanna come with Nicola and I? We’re getting lost together, the more the merrier.”


I’m walking in the school and I’m new, but I know where my locker is, so I walk up to it.




She stummbels onto someone this wasn’t natrull as being hades daughter “Sorry! …Oh Hi sis” relizing it was her sister @RavenDawson - Nicola


“Hey, sis. Good to see you. Are you as lost as we are?”



“Which class you looking for Sis” @RavenDawson


ORP: I would reply but still waiting for @Skyzor response lolz