Mount Olympus High! *OFFICIAL SIGNUPS OPEN!*


To Whom It May Concern…

You have been enrolled into the most elite high schools around the world! But there’s a twist, half of the students there are … demigods??!! Standing on Mount Olympus itself, it seems that even the highest of schools come with its fair share of drama!

Hey everyone! I made this roleplay so feel free to join! I already made my character and she’s in the face claims below! The RP will start once we have enough players!! Also, you have the option to be either a demigod or a normal transfer student form Earth!

XOXO~Purple_Sour_Bear~ :purple_heart:


  1. There is drama allowed as long as it only lives in the storyline!

  2. All of the characters will be around 17 years old since they are in high school!

  3. S** is allowed but please don’t be very descriptive about it!

  4. If you would like to be a teacher, principal, or staff member of any kind in the school, please include that in the form!

Forms and FaceClaims!


Please Inform me when you have submitted a form by commenting below!!!

Mount Olympus High *OFFICIAL RP*



Might join.


Transgender isn’t a sexuality. Read your form.


Oops, I didn’t realize I put it there!


Signed up—when can we begin RP’ing. Alssoooo it says that I need permission for the face claims slide.


It does? Hmm I’ll go check it out and thanks for letting me know, if it still doesn’t work you can PM your faceclaim to me!


Just edited my post. It was just the face claim slide not the actual submission for the fc. sorry.




Lol its ok!




In order to get permission, turn link sharing on.


Thanks for the tip!


Working on adding the faceclaims!


I signed up! :smile:


I signed up but it said sports when I put spirits


Ok I’ll change it for you!


@everyone here is the link for the faceclaims you can use!!!


I also fixed the FaceClaim link above so you can use that one too!

Hi @rvaleria322 , and welcome to our dear RP community!

It’s always good to see new members in the community, and I am happy to see you are willing to share your ideas to make an RP in the forums. However, I have noticed this RP has a format that’s different to the one we use to when it comes to RPs here.

Here is a guide of the basics of RPing in the community, it was written by many members so it should help you get an idea of how the whole community works.

Before beginning an RP, we tend to post our ideas in the New Ideas Thread , there you can gauge the interest of RPers and see what they thing about your idea. That way you don’t waste time by working on a RP that not many people want to join. You can also use the thread to rework your ideas or take them to the 1x1/Small Group RP thread. It saves us time and keeps the section cleaner.

When starting an RP, we recommend setting up a somewhat detailed plot and a setting. That way you can have a more unique and interesting RP, and it helps it flow better and gives it a sense of structure. It also helps so people don’t take over your plot, which is usually very annoying and frowned upon in the community. You can look at some of our currently existing RP threads for examples of these.

When it comes to RPs with specific characteristics in the sign ups (such as a parent), we also recommend to have people “reserve” for such characteristic before signing up, so there are no consistency mistakes or conflicts of interest.

Also, as a Greek mythology enthusiast, I feel obliged to tell you that goddesses such as Artemis and Athena can not have any children of their own. They have both made chastity bows, and in the Homeric canon (classic Greek literature), he says explicitly that they, along with Hestia are the only ones who resist the charms of love and do not to fall into the world of love and relationships, so it would be impossible for them to have children.

If you have any question or need help with anything, you can always reach me or other oldies (I would recommend the mentor team since they are all very skilled). I hope you enjoy your stay at the community.

Cam Boulder


Uhh… did you just tell me my charchter can’t be a thing?