Mount Olympus High! *OFFICIAL SIGNUPS OPEN!*


I did not say it directly to anyone. But in case your character is a child of one of the Virgin Goddesses/ the goddesses who have made bows of chastity… then yeah, it would go against the canon, therefore, it could not be. Now, if you wanted to create your own mythology, things could work.


Only Half of that I understood. But okay, thanks—I mean it. @rvaleria322 is my charchters okay…?


Sorry, English is not my native language so I may not have worded things the best way I could.
And okay ^-^


I’m sorry, I wasn’t aware of the amount of errors I was making :sweat_smile: I’ll try to fix it up as much as I can but since you already signed up for it, @C_ssie can keep your place as Artemis’ daughter although it is indeed mythologically (if thats even a word) false. Again, my apologies for any inconveniences to the RP community :sweat_smile:


It’s fine, no one can know everything about the community (or about anything really) in the beginning. Enjoy your stay at the community ^-^


Thanks :blush: Likewise to you!




I signed up!!


@rvaleria322 when is the offical thred


Great I’ll add you to the faceclaims!


I just made it!! Everyone who signed up should’ve been tagged!!


[Hey, am I still able to join?]


Ofc! Signups are still open!


Also, is there allowed to be more than one child for each god/goddess?


ignore my previous question, i’ve worked it out.
signed up!


can I still join??




submitted, Can I start rping or should I wait for the FC to be updated?


You can start rping, I’ll update the fc in a sec!


I’m done with my form.