Mouth changes into vampire mouth script help

Can someone tell me how to change a charcater’s mouth into a vampire one, I’ve tried many but I don’t really know how,


If you want permanent change then it will be

@character changes mouth into —

And if temporarily then,

@character previews mouth -----


Hi @CarbiD !

You could change any feature with the code:

@CHARACTER changes [Body Part] into ----

So if you want to change the mouth, you could use the code:

@CHARACTER changes mouth into Full Heart Pouty Vampire Fangs


@CHARACTER changes mouth into Full Round Pouty Vampire Fangs


@CHARACTER changes mouth into Small Heart Vampire Fangs

depending on which mouth you’d like to use. If you want to change the mouth back to normal later on, just use the same technique. For example:

@CHARACTER changes mouth into Small Heart

Then the mouth will be normal once again.

Hope this helps! Follow me on IG @roxanne.stories for more tips, how-to’s, and script templates. :hugs:


Thanks both of you :heart: I’ll try later when I start coding and I let you know if I have problems :kissing_heart:

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If you only want it to change the mouth shape for a bit during a scene I recommend using the previews/unpreviews command

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