Moveable Tappables/Points for tappables?

Hello from wide and far!

I’m wondering if it’s possible to do moving tappables? Like have the tappables moving and they have to try to “catch” it?
Another spin off of this idea is if you can do “points” for tappables? Like you have to tap these many tappables before being able to move on. I have an idea of how I can bootleg do it, but it’s going to take a lot of coding, so I wanted to first see if there’ an actual way to do it first.

  • Joaddan

You can do this using if/elif/else choices - but you probably need to add the points to a character instead of the overlay

It works.

Code from video - I didn't add the character points

&overlay DRUM SET shifts to 250 0 in 5 THEN overlay DRUM SET shifts to 0 0 in 5 loop 3 times

label tapp
Good Job!
} else {
Try again
goto tapp

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Yeah, that’s what i was thinking too :thinking: Ah well, thanks!

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Ah, yes thank u!

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