Movie Discussion Thread 🎥

Hey movie, film and video fans! This thread is your place to discuss everything you’ve been watching in your busy lives as media consumers :slight_smile: Feel free to share your thoughts on all things movie-related, from recent releases to old favourites!

Personally, being your friendly neighborhood moderator has really cut into my viewing time but I’d love to know what y’all have been watching.

Keep it reel! :v:t2:


Happy death day It a scary movie

What did you think of it? :slight_smile:

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Cause I love it

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Also The lorax I know its a kid movie but I loved it

I want to watch Kelly’s Heroes again sometime soon.

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Patiently waiting until I get to watch Infinity Wars tonight :grimacing:

The last movie I watched was A Quiet Place a couple of days ago. I absolutely enjoyed it :+1:t3:, while my boyfriend completely hated it :roll_eyes: He said there was way too many jump scares, but in my defense of course there was. The whole movie was based on silence so duh any time there was loud noises it made you jump. The only thing I didn’t really like about the movie was that the monsters/creatures looked very unoriginal. They look like as if whoever designed them took the opening face from the Demogorgons (Stranger Things), the mouth and face from Venom, and the body/legs, clicking noises, and electricy feeding from the MUTO’s (Godzilla). Honestly, the dad sacrificing himself was just dumb. He could have thrown something far from him to make a noise. They’re freaking BLIND! It doesn’t have to be you that they hear. UGH. Other than that, the movie was very enjoyable.

Last week, I FINALLY was able to watch the Pixar movie Coco. Oh my god I literally cried my eyes out. My boyfriend (who claims that he never cries) was even crying! I heard that that movie might be coming to Netflix, and oh boy if that is true I need to buy a lifetime supply of tissues!


I loved that movie too

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I don’t like scary movie I get scared that I can’t even sleep

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When I watch a scary movie I always cary something to protect me

I def relate, I’m super easily scared. I can’t watch scary movies without my sisters. :persevere:

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I watched “Somewhere in Time,” recently. (Christopher Reeve and Jane Seymour) I liked the movie, but it ended abruptly. I wanted more movie - I wanted more things explained. It’s based on a book “Bid Time Return.” Now I want to read it.

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My god, I can’t even begin!

Watched Batman Ninja the other night, was pretty neat and loved the animation…but Robin is in desperate need of a better haircut.

Also saw Pacific Rim: Uprising recently. Fun movie but not nearly as good as the first one. Pacific Rim just seemed to have more more character and was overall a much more enjoyable time than Uprising. If we have any Cloverfield fans make sure to be on the lookout for the Cloverfield related Easter egg in Uprising!


I was looking under the Live-Action Films heading on the “Rated M for Manly” page on Tv-Tropes.

I must have gone wide-eyed and mouthed “I love that movie!” as I grinned a dozen times.

Well, I know what my favorite kind of movie is.

“But look, Queequeg, ain’t that a live eel in your bowl? Where’s your harpoon?”

Lol, what a heading! What were some of the faves that jumped out and had you grinning? :slight_smile:


An all time favourite of mine is definitely Fantastic Mr Fox, never ceases to make me laugh, and I love the aesthetic cinematography, a classic Wes Anderson and I’m totally here for it. Also love The Grand Budapest Hotel, incredibly bizarre and charming and so visually pleasing.

A really good thriller that I highly recommend is Perfume. It’s definitely not something younger people should watch, but if you’re into weird creepy murders and an absurd plot then here you go! I’ve read the book 3 times and also realllyyy recommend that if you like reading :raising_hand_woman:t3:

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Ben-Hur was number one, and Where Eagles Dare was a close second.
I want to watch both of them again soon.

Capernaum works best in its middle stretch, as a kind of latchkey-youth movie, following Zain through the hustle and bustle of Beirut in search of work or a solid meal, pairing him off with an Ethiopian single mother (Yordanos Shiferaw) and her toddler-age son (Boluwatife Treasure Bankole). The nonprofessional child actors are terrific, and Labaki adopts a ground-level, handheld vantage that suits the film’s vision of a big, indifferent city, looming large over its boy hero. (Who needs the new Koreeda when I movies like this will blow your mind have this facsimile of one of his best films, Nobody Knows?) But Capernaum’s neorealist spirit is smothered by its sentimentality and endless string of indignities; it’s as if the film is operating as Zain’s trial defense, every moment making his case that it probably would have been better if he’d never been born. What a strange MO (nihilistic humanism?), and a stranger thing to heartily cheer on.

I have a feeling you would really enjoy the soundtrack for The Crow. Also give the Spawn soundtrack a shot if you get a chance. :metal:

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