Movie suggestions

I am looking forward to watch some movies. Can you suggest me some movies except from Horror, Thriller.

The Princess Bride (pretty old movie/romance)
The Terminator series (action/adventure)
Forrest Gump (drama)
Saving Sully (drama/based on true events)
If I Stay (romance)


Thank you :heart:

Twilight and Teen Wolf are great

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I’m obsessed with vampires and wolfs (werewolfs) teenage drama.

So truee! I’m so sad that Twilight is ober. I liked it better because it has Wolfs and Vampires not just one like Teen Wolf nor Vampire Diares.

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I’d suggest:

  • Wolf Children (Yes, I’ve seen that you like werewolfs, lol. It’s a story about a woman that falls in love with a werewolf, and they end up having two kids; the story is about them and how they fit in society while still hiding their wolf-part.)
  • The Way He Looks (An LGBT romance story about a blind guy)
  • Percy Jackson movies (I mean, it’s freacking Percy Jackson. I think books are always better, tho.)
  • I’d tell you to watch Shadowhunters but there is only one film. They decided to save themself from the angry fans complaining, RIP

  • Spirited Away (I don’t even know how to explain it, to be honest.)
  • Escape To Victory (Yeah, I know it’s old, but I still enjoy it. In case you don’t know, it’s about a football team in a prison camp during WW 2)
  • The Tale of the Princess Kaguya (Japan, it’s the story about a bamboo cutter that finds a very small woman inside a bamboo. That very small woman becomes suddently a baby, that the cutter and his wife - who couldn’t have babies - adopted and grown up as their own.)
  • The Intouchables (Dudes being dudes.)



• Avengers ( all movies )

• Harry Potter

That’s all I got

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Wolf children caught my attention lol. As you said I like those movies.

Thank you! :heart:

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Awe, it’s cute and fluff

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