Moving an overlay issue

Good evening guys.

I’m having issues trying to make this overlay move together with the character.

So what can i do to fix it?

&overlay MAYA shifts to 60 -204 in 2
@MEROPE walks to screen center in 2 AND MEROPE does it while walk_worried_loop

(You might want to adjust the walking / shifting time, but just make sure it’s the same length for both commands.)

thank you!!!

You’re welcome.

Is not working, is doing the same :sob::sob::sob:

You need to spot her and shift the overlay in the same time, and make sure you specify the zone.

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You definitely don’t want her to be doing a walking animation if that’s a tail

That’s why I’m asking for help, cause I don’t know what I’m doing​:disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved: I tried like @Gimere said and it didn’t work, what should I do?

I’ll read it, defenetly :blush:

Ok lifesaving tip here, you don’t actually have to put that huge mass of numbers before the overlay name. I did that for months lmao it’s such a time-waster.
&overlay MAYA scales to 1.401 1.401
&overlay MAYA shifts to -48 -206 in 0
&MEROPE stands screen left AND MEROPE faces right
To be continued…
@pause for a beat
MEROPE (talk_sarcastic)
This is a test.
&overlay MAYA shifts to 60 -204
@MEROPE walks to screen center AND MEROPE is idle_loop

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If they still don’t line up, but the start and finish places are good, try adding 2-second timers.

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Thank you very much guys :blush:

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